About Us

We source our mala beads from over 35 vendors, from all around the world. We love finding new and unique beads to craft beautiful and potent bracelets from.

We are a small business located in the Midwest and are dedicated to operating an eco-conscious company. Almost all of our packing and shipping materials are made from recycled materials (or are re-used) and we have strived to be a holistic & health conscious business. To preserve our peaceful working environment we do not take phone calls but we will happily return your e mails as quickly as we can.


Our vision

To help awaken a world that will transform suffering into compassion and dreams into reality.

Our mission

To empower you to live a Zen-inspired life of compassion, empathy and mindfulness. 

Core values

📿Live a life of mindfulness, showing compassion and kindness to everyone.
📿Be genuine and true to yourself and others.
📿Face your fears as opportunities for learning and transformation.
📿Create and appreciate art.
📿Have integrity, keep your word, honor your agreements.
📿Respect others with love and understanding.
📿Respect differences in world views as tools for learning and personal growth.